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How Party Food Delivery Services Have Changed the Way Filipinos Celebrate

Filipinos enjoy a good celebration. It’s why we have fiestas almost every other day around the country, with people gathering together to enjoy a big old party. And what is the most important thing during a celebration? The food of course!

The most common food you’ll see in a celebration is noodles. From pancit to spaghetti you’ll see a variety of noodle-based dishes in every celebration. This is not only because noodles are delicious, but also because of the belief that the long strands of noodles represent long life — everyone should have a bite.

Other Filipino food staples include lumpia, any chicken dish and you can’t go wrong with pica-pica or any fried or grilled food.

Of course, our palettes crave for international dishes as well — and we’re not afraid to mix and match. Nobody would flinch at the sight of a dinner spread with Chinese, Japanese, American, and Korean all together.

Food pairings go down the drain. As long as the dishes are good, they should be part of a celebration! As long as there’s enough rice, everybody will be happy.

Why Have Your Party Food Delivered?

Now that the world has shifted to a “new normal”, going to restaurants and planning large gatherings are not only frowned upon, but dangerous. While cooking is always an option, not everyone has the time or skill to prepare for a celebration. Thankfully, businesses like Snappy! have made it possible to enjoy a celebration under today’s circumstances.

Ran by the esteemed Chef Bruce Lim, Snappy! is a party food delivery service that understands the power of great food and how it brings joy to every home. The brand plans to reinvent the idea of food delivery from a last option for convenience into an easy first choice for its taste and value.

Snappy! has all kinds of set meals available to fit any sort of celebration. One of the best-sellers is the Asian Feast Celebration Meal. This order comes with Chicken and Shrimp Chao Fan, Braised Pork with Garlic Noodles, Orange Chicken, Crab Pincers, and four pieces of Ube Buchi. This perfectly curated meal is good for four, and comes with all your Asian restaurants favorites.

For laid-back celebrations and for days where you just want to enjoy a good feast, Snappy has the Fiesta Celebration Meal which comes with Pizza, fried chicken, potato wedges, and a spaghetti platter. It’s everything you love from your fast food pizza place, but elevated and made even better.

For your backyard barbecues or small garden parties with family, the Wild West Celebration Meal is an easy choice. It comes with Barbeque Ribs, Texas Barbeque Chicken, Potato Wedges, and Potato Salad and Corn — American favorites delivered fresh and straight to your doorstep!

No matter the type of celebration or food you’re craving Snappy! will surely have the set or dish for you. With delicious options within reach, you won’t be missing trips to restaurants anytime soon. Forget about spending on expensive caterers with limited choices, Snappy’s menu is packed with your favorites, you won’t need to look anywhere else.

With services like Snappy!, everyone can enjoy a good meal without stepping out of their homes. It promises great service, delicious food, and ensures our safety too. How can anyone go wrong?

Tips When Ordering Party Food Online

Aside from ordering from a reputable source with good food, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before choosing a party food delivery service:

Make sure the delivery service you’re using will be able to deliver to your area.
Most food providers have a limited delivery area, so before you begin ordering, do some research and make sure you’re within the delivery area.
If you’re out of the scope of delivery of the food provider, most courier services can pick up the food for you.
Check for delivery fees
A lot of party food delivery services might make use of third-party delivery services such as Grab Food or Lalamove. Be aware of what it uses for delivery, and check for any additional delivery fees.
Delivery fees can easily add on to your expenses. Check for promos and if possible, choose a food delivery provider that’s near your area.
Double check your order
Before your rider leaves, make sure that you received the right order. Check for missing items and double check the receipt if everything’s in place.
Now that food delivery services have been in-demand, it’s easy for riders to mix up your orders.
Practice all safety precautions when accepting your order
While it is safer to get your food delivered, it is still not 100% safe. Before receiving your order, be sure that you’re wearing your mask and keep contact with the rider to a minimum.
If possible, opt for no contact delivery
After accepting the order, make sure to wash your hands and sanitize the bag before placing it on your table.
Be kind to the riders
Delivery riders are today’s heroes. They’re out everyday to make sure you get your meals on time. Always be kind, and tip when possible.

All this talk about food is probably making you hungry. What are you waiting for? Order a feast from Snappy! today!

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